Our mission with the environment

As one of the company’s major concerns, we daily seek to mitigate our environmental impact on the world. Understand a little more about our actions

What does sustainability mean to us?

Sustainability, for us, involves fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the requirements of future generations. It entails maintaining a balance and promoting well-being among economic and social development while also preserving the environment. As a catalyst for change, we acknowledge our responsibility and are dedicated to maximizing the sustainability of our business in every facet. Thus, we consistently contribute in various ways each day, recognizing that it’s always essential to go the extra mile to effect meaningful change.”

How do we put this into action?

Our factory was constructed with a primary focus on the sustainable utilization of natural resources, integrating initiatives into our processes that yield multiple benefits. These measures encompass the reduction of waste generation, optimized water consumption, carbon footprint reduction, decreased energy usage, and the complete efficiency of effluent treatment. Moreover, we are proud to report that 100% of our raw materials originate from cattle raised in deforestation-free areas. Additionally, our suppliers undergo stringent inspections and traceability controls to ensure their alignment with our production chain.

However, our commitment extends beyond our production walls. We recognize that one of the most effective means of preserving nature is by championing the conservation of natural habitats. Here at Pepcol, we actively work to protect the surrounding native areas, facilitating the preservation of local biodiversity while maintaining the health of the nearby soil and rivers. In this manner, we diligently endeavor to minimize our impact on the planet.”

Our commitments

Protect water and reduce consuption

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Preserve biodiversity

Waste reuse

Offer sustainable solutions